Hey there!

I’m Matthijs de Keijzer, the technical wizard behind the scenes at Golden Stay. But what exactly do I do at Golden Stay?

First of all, I live in a fun student dorm with Rick, Mattias and two more fantastic roommates. Our house buzzes with fun, sociability and is a gathering place for memories and adventures.

In addition to my position at Golden Stay, I am pursuing a master’s degree in Operations Research and Analytics in Logistics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Quite a mouthful indeed! In short, I am very interested in improving processes and using data for decision making.

At Golden Stay, I get the chance to put my academic knowledge into practice. As a software engineer, I face all kinds of challenges: from creating a payment link to developing a full-fledged web app. It is this variety of projects that makes my job so fascinating. Every day is different and there is always something new to learn. What strikes me and what I appreciate about Golden Stay is the warm working environment and the cooperation between colleagues. We have a strong team bond and support each other when necessary.

What motivates me is not only the technological aspects of my job, but also the difference we can make in our guests’ experience.

I use my technical skills to contribute to that special “Golden Stay feeling.” It is that unique feeling that our guests appreciate and motivates them to come back.

Golden Stay offers me a platform where I can grow both professionally and personally. I look forward to what the future holds and am excited to work with the team, to take Golden Stay to greater heights!