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On all reservations and offers and all agreements concluded with Golden Stay, the conditions apply, filed with the Chamber of Commerce.




These terms and conditions apply to the consumer brands Gouden Vakanties, Gouden Retraites, Golden Holiday’s and the companies affiliated to Golden Stay V.O.F. (hereafter called Golden Stay)


Arrival Time: The period agreed upon with the Homeowner or Manager during the day of arrival that the Guest/Renter can enter the rented accommodation.


Request: A request for a Reservation whereby a confirmation is first requested from the Manager before it can be converted into a Reservation. With the request, a period is blocked for rental in the accommodation planning.


Accommodation: The property offered by Homeowner to Golden Stay as vacation accommodation for rental to Third Parties.


Accommodation planning: The booking and planning system of Golden Stay in which the availability, all Options, Requests, confirmed Bookings on accommodations and provided Personal Data of the Lessee under contract with Golden Stay are registered to prevent double Bookings and for the administration of payments from Lessee to Golden Stay and payments from Golden Stay to Homeowner/Manager.


Alternative: Another option offered when the booked accommodation does not meet expectations.


Cancellation: The revocation or dissolution of the Booking, Option or Request by which the accommodation schedule is released again.


Assistance: Assistance required by the Guest/Renter during the stay and provided by the Administrator.


Manager: the person who (on behalf of the owner) takes care of the management tasks and bookings of the accommodation and acts on behalf of Golden Stay.


Additional Charges: Costs for supplies from the Manager which, if not included in rental price to Golden Stay, are charged directly by the Homeowner to the Renter, being, without being exhaustive, cleaning costs, bed linen, electricity, gas/oil and tourist tax. These charges may be collected from the Renter by Golden Stay on behalf of the Homeowner and forwarded by Golden Stay to the Homeowner or paid by the Guest/Renter on site directly to the Manager/Houseowner.


Booking: A reservation of an Accommodation accepted by Golden Stay with which a period is blocked for rental in the Accommodation planning.


Booking Confirmation: The written confirmation of the Booking between Golden Stay and the Renter, which the Homeowner receives.


Deposit: An amount to be paid by the Guest/Renter prior to the rental period to cover possible damages. The Deposit will be refunded in full if there is no damage of any kind. The Deposit can be collected by Golden Stay from Tenant and refunded to Tenant after settlement of any damages or transferred, settled and refunded by Guest/Lessee on site to Homeowner/Manager.


Emergency: An acute situation requiring immediate action by Guest/Lessee and possibly from/ in cooperation with the Manager. This may include, for example, illness, accident, death or defects in the accommodation requiring immediate action such as leaks or other hazards.


Third parties: Persons or legal entities other than Golden Stay or the Property Owner.


Invoice: Summary of the amounts to be paid by the Guest/Renter to the Homeowner/ Golden Stay. The invoice is also proof of the Booking and of the payment, which is provided by Golden Stay to the Renter, stating the rented Accommodation, the period of Stay, the number of persons and any other additional matters.


Guest: The person(s) who actually uses the rented Accommodation as a residence.


Homeowner: A natural or legal person who, as a lessor of an accommodation, enters into an agreement with Golden Stay and is entitled or authorized to dispose of the relevant accommodation and offer it for rent.


Renter: A natural or legal person who leases an accommodation from the offer of Golden Stay. The Hirer does not need to be the Guest of the accommodation. The Renter remains liable for the rented property to Homeowner and Golden Stay.


Complains: Displeasure experienced by the Guest/Lessee before, during or after the stay that can be blamed on the Manager/ rented Accommodation.


Adult: A booking and payment can only be made by persons who have reached the legal age of eighteen years.


Inevitable and extraordinary circumstances: Circumstances in which the Calamity Fund has established a calamity or a negative (red) travel advice from the ministe.


Option: An Option is a Renter’s intention to make a Reservation, granting the Renter a short period of reflection without any obligation, but blocking the period of rental in the Accommodation Schedule until the Option becomes a Reservation or the Option is cancelled. During the Option no other Booking or Option for the same period can be accepted.


Parking: The place where the car may be parked and is designated by the Manager or otherwise indicated.


Service Charge: Surcharge for Additional Charges for services and items provided directly by the Homeowner/Manager to the Guest and which charges are included in the rental price to the Guest/Renter.


On-site Service: Services and facilities which can be provided or brokered directly by the Manager to the Guest/Renter. Without being exhaustive, these include bed linen, firewood and, for example, use of childcare, rental bike or rental car. These services and facilities are optional and will always be paid for by the Guest/Lessee on the spot, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Travel agreement: The agreement between Golden Stay and the House owner of which these General Terms and Conditions are an inseparable part. In the Travel Agreement, with respect to the Accommodation(s), the following are treated, without being exhaustive the:


  • –  Owner or its authorized representative
  • –  Manager
  • –  Location
  • –  Specification of facilities
  • –  Arrival and Departure Times
  • –  Date until which Last Minute bookings can be accepted by Golden Staywithout intervention from the Property Owner
  • –  Rental periods, rental amounts and discount schemes
  • –  Additional Charges/Service Charges for supplies by the Homeowner
  • –  Arrangements for Bookings to be made by Homeowner themselvesDamage: Tangible or intangible damage incurred during or after the stay. Check-out: The time agreed upon with the Homeowner or Manager by whichthe Guest/Renter must vacate the rented Accommodation.Stay: Actual period of use of a rented Accommodation.Website: Website(s) operated in the name of brands of Golden Stay, as well as websites of partners with which Golden Stay has entered into agreements for the rental of Accommodations to increase its commercial reach.Business: Relationships with a company and acting on behalf of and/or being employed by a company and business dealings arising from this.


1. Stay


a. Check-in


On the day of your arrival, you will have access to your rental property from 16:00. In some cases this is from 15:00. This is explicitly stated in the ad where that applies or otherwise communicated, either by phone, email or in person.


b. Check-out


On the day of departure you must leave the accommodation before 10:00. If desired, your departure time will be discussed upon arrival.


c. Parking


You can park at the accommodation itself, a designated area/parking space unless otherwise stated in the advertisements or in the communication, either by telephone or by e-mail or in person.


d. On-site service


On site services and facilities mentioned in the advertisement such as child care, rental bike, rental car or other services are available. These services and facilities are optional and are always paid for by the Guest/Lessee on the spot and mediated by the manager unless otherwise agreed upon.


e. Help and assistance / emergency


If you need urgent personal help and/or assistance during your stay or there is an emergency, please call the manager for information. The phone numbers can be found in the manual that is present in the accommodation. You will also find information and contact details of the nearest GP and hospital there.


f. Unavoidable and exceptional circumstances


During your stay, circumstances may arise that affect your stay and which neither you nor we can change. This includes circumstances where the Calamity Fund has established a calamity or a negative (red) travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this case you can terminate the travel agreement and the travel sum will be refunded to you. Circumstances that you have been able to insure through travel or cancellation insurance are not covered by this. We are not liable for any costs resulting from these circumstances.


We are also not liable for damages resulting from circumstances caused by you or your travel companions or third parties. For example, if there are local problems with the electricity or water, there are exceptional weather conditions or a fire in the vacation home.


The manager will do everything in his/her power to limit the damage and / or to have it repaired to limit as much as possible the destruction of your vacation enjoyment.


g. Damage


It may happen that you or your travel companions cause damage in or around the accommodation. Please report the damage as soon as possible to the manager/your contact person, so there will be no surprises. In this case you are liable for the damage. Many cases of damage are covered by our damage insurance. You will receive the conditions of this insurance when you book. If the damage case is not covered by the conditions, you will have to pay for this damage yourself.


h. Alternative


If a large part of your stay is not or no longer possible, we will seek an equivalent alternative for you. In doing so, we will take into account as much as possible the location, class and facilities of the accommodation and the composition of the travel group.


If the quality of the alternative is lower, we will compensate you. If the quality of the alternative is higher we will ask you to pay extra. In both cases you also have the option to terminate the travel agreement.


i. Complains


If the shortcoming has such an impact on the rest of your stay and it is not possible to find a solution or alternative, you have the option to terminate the contract and you may be entitled to a reduction in the price or compensation.


If we have not come up with a suitable solution within a reasonable period of time, you can file a complaint as indicated on our website. If you do this at the latest within 2 months after your stay, we will handle your complaint within 1 month.


2. Reservation


a. Booking


The booking of a stay takes place according to the procedures that are imposed on the online platforms (Airbnb,, and Home Away) where Golden Stay is active.


b. Booking confirmation


After the booking is final, you will receive a booking confirmation. This is done via email or via the platforms on which Golden Stay is active and hereby enters into a travel agreement.


c. Invoice


The renter receives an invoice with the invoiced amount in euros. This is composed including and excluding VAT and specified with the purchased services.


d. Parties, events and meetings with guests


The accommodation is intended for you and your travel companions. It is not permitted to organize parties, events or meetings with guests other than members of the travel party. We will then terminate the travel agreement and charge (cleaning) costs.


e. Groups


Some accommodations are intended primarily for family groups, so groups consisting exclusively of young people are not permitted. By young people we mean persons up to 25 years of age. We will make it clear on our website and in the travel contract if this is the case. A booking in violation of this will be cancelled and the cancellation fee will be charged.


f. Adult


Bookings can only be made by persons 18 years of age or older.


g. Vacation


Given that this is a vacation, accommodation can be booked for a maximum of three months.


h. Business


In principle we do not supply accommodations for the business market. If desired, we can think along with you and see if there are other possibilities that do fit your needs and develop a suitable accommodation for this.


3. Liability


Golden Stay accepts no liability for:


a. Theft, loss and / or damage of any kind during, after or as a result of your stay at one of the accommodations of Golden Stay.


b. The inability or malfunction of technical equipment. c. Information provided verbally and/or by telephone.


You are severally liable for all loss and/or damage to the rented property and/or other property of Golden Stay, regardless off whether this is the result of actions or omissions on your part or of third parties with your permission in one of our accommodations. In case of improper use or failure to leave the accommodation in a proper condition, additional (cleaning) costs can be charged to you. This can include certain damage caused during your stay to the accommodation or home furnishings and/or inventory.


4. Travel sum


a. Payment


You pay the total amount in Euros. The date of payment is the day of crediting the bank account of Golden Stay. If you pay in another currency, the difference in price due to the exchange rate is for your account.


b. Payment term


After you have made a booking, you are required to immediately pay (at least 50% of) the travel sum. Only after this payment is the booking final.
If you have made a deposit, you must pay the remaining part of the travel sum at least 6 weeks before arrival. If you book within 6 weeks before arrival, you pay the full amount immediately. Payment by bank transfer is in this case no longer possible.


c. Deposit and additional coasts


For some accommodations a deposit is required. There may also be additional costs for e.g. bed linen or (final) cleaning. The method of payment of the deposit and/or additional costs is stated in the travel agreement.


d. Tourist Tax


If tourist tax is involved, this will be explicitly stated in the advertisement or on the invoice. The amount depends on the invoice and is 10% of the advertised price including any cleaning costs for all reservations.


e. Late or non-payment


If the travel sum (and deposit) is not received within the payment period, even after a payment reminder, the travel agreement will be terminated and the cancellation fee and any collection costs will be charged.


After termination of the travel agreement, other guests can book the accommodation. In case of late payment, no guarantee can be given that the accommodation is still available.


f. No use of accommodation


In the event that the accommodation is not used by you during the agreed period, a fee will be payable, the cost of which will be equal to the invoice amount that would have been payable for use based on your booking for the number of nights for the accommodation in question or the maximum number of persons for whom the accommodation is suitable. Unless otherwise expressly stated.


g. Modification and cancellation


  1. 1)  If there is a change in the number of people who will use the accommodation that you initially indicated, you must inform us as soon as possible. This can be done up to four days in advance.
  2. 2)  The change in the number of persons will not affect the price per night, unless this has been expressly indicated. There will only be a reduction in the cost when it comes to bed linen or tourist tax if applicable.


h. RentalTerms


Tenant may not rent or use the rented accommodation to third parties without permission of Golden Stay, it is also prohibited to stay overnight with more than the number of persons allowed. The tenant will use and inhabit the accommodation as a good tenant, he commits himself to compensate all damages caused immediately. The tenant is obliged to comply with the house rules as drawn up by the owner or manager. You and your travel companions will not cause any hindrance or nuisance to the immediate surroundings and will show respect for the flora and fauna. If the tenant does not leave the accommodation and/or his/her surroundings in all fairness, extra (cleaning) costs may be charged to you or the travel agreement may be terminated. In this case you are not entitled to any compensation.


i. Pre-reservations


It is always possible for any guest to make a pre-booking for the coming year. There is no charge for this pre-reservation. As soon as the rates are known, the pre-bookings will be converted into reservations.


You will be informed personally. If there are any changes in the meantime, we must also be informed.
We require a deposit of 50% within 14 days, the remainder must be paid at least 5 weeks before arrival.


j. Options


The tenant may take an option on an accommodation without entering into any obligations. The landlord will discuss with the potential tenant the period of reflection and block the optional rental period which is not accepted by another booking or option for the same period. The option may be cancelled without reason.


k. Intellectual Property


The use of the information on this website may not be copied, distributed or otherwise used or misused without the permission of Golden Stay. You may reuse the information on this website only in accordance with the regulations of mandatory law.


Without the express written permission of Golden Stay, it is not allowed to re-use text, images or other materials on this website. The intellectual property rests with Golden Stay.


l. Pricing


The prices on the website are intended to be as accurate as possible to the reality and the intended prices. Errors that occur and are recognizable as programming or typing errors, never constitute a reason to claim or assume a contract or agreement with Golden Stay.


The prices on the websites are listed in Euros. If you pay in another currency, the price difference due to the exchange rate is for the account of the renter.


Golden Stay strives to keep its website as up to date as possible. If despite these efforts the information or the content on this website is incomplete or incorrect, then no liability can be accepted.


m. Information and services


The information and/or services on this website are offered without any form of guarantee or claim to correctness. Golden Stay reserves the right to change, remove or re-post the information without any prior notice. Golden Stay accepts no liability for any information contained on websites to which we link via hyperlinks.


n. Changes


Should these terms and conditions change, you will find the most recent version of the disclaimer of on this page.