Hi, I’m Tim, co-founder of Golden Stay. But what do I do? And what else am I?

First of all I am happily married to Febe and we are proud parents of three boys. I have my own recruitment agency Recruitim, and I am co-owner of Golden Stay together with my wife Febe, my brother Peter and his wife Lynn. I do all this with a lot of passion and enjoyment.

Golden Stay

Within Golden Stay, I am a real jack-of-all-trades. I have helped set up all of the processes running within the company and have been able to transfer most of them over to other staff. I love building things from scratch and seeing them being built. I often see something that isn’t there yet, and my strength lies in making it a reality and getting it going. I can then hand it on to others to optimise it and let it flourish.

I am a real dreamer and a kick-starter.

These days, I am mainly concerned with, among other things, new concepts such as selling furniture, new business, bringing in investors, and new projects. I see potential in projects and want to start many things.

Furthermore, I find the culture within a company extremely important, and I am also very passionate about building it. What I am very committed to is a sincere culture, but also a culture of family and wanting to bring out the best in each other. I notice in everything I do and see happening how valuable such a culture is and the fruits it yields.

Passion for travel

Besides the passion I have for my work and the things that come with it, I also love travelling. For example, I travelled for six months to various countries in Africa with three good friends. This trip consisted of really going into the bush, and starting and supporting projects. Every year, I go for another 2 weeks to the places I visited to continue supporting them.

I also went to Australia for a year, to a leadership school run by hillsong. Not only did I get to discover half of Australia, but I also got to know myself enormously. I am really an adventurer, I love seeing the world. New things and new cultures really appeal to me.

Before I started to focus fully on Golden Stay, I went to Norway on my own for a week, to really think about what I want. Here I came to one conclusion: Fully commit to Golden Stay.

forming through sickness

Something that formed me enormously was being very ill for a long time. I learned so much about myself during this period and what values are important to me. At Golden Stay, a lot of things happen to me now. For example, recently there were suddenly two groups in the same accommodation on a Friday evening: a double booking. In situations like this, you suddenly need to be extremely flexible and able to handle a lot. That has really become my strength. We were able to solve this situation by offering a wonderful alternative: A beautiful and even bigger house in the Ardennes for one of the groups.

When I was ill, there was also a lot that I had to deal with, and I had to fight for my life: The question “Will I make it to tomorrow?” came up regularly. Because of this experience, and the different outlook on life that it brings, I am not easily swayed now. I have learned to be grateful every day, and I really enjoy what I do. I know what I want and what I don’t want. I draw my strength from God, who pulled me out of the illness, because I have recovered in a miraculous way.

One of those things I’m very grateful for are my three kids: Liam, Sem and Matt. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things there is, family life. I really am a family man, which is also reflected in the amount of contact I have with my brothers and family, I always make sure we get together.

Dare to dream

My dream for Golden Stay is to go all over Europe, based on a brand of excellence built by us. I love to see houses being built in cooperation with companies that fit into this brand, to see a webshop being launched and to do beautiful projects with our construction team, not only for Golden Stay but also for third parties. In short, I dare to dream, and I have full confidence in the Golden Stay team that we can make these dreams come true.