Peter de Zwart is one of the co-owners of Golden Stay en is the husband of Lynn!

From Investment Specialist to Entrepreneur

The odd one out, that’s how I felt throughout my career as an investment specialist. During a day of testing for a job at an asset management firm, the following comment stuck with me: “Why would you want to work at a bank? You have a distinct entrepreneurial profile!” A simple, yet incisive question that made the penny drop. Where my colleagues often thought in terms of problems, I saw the possibilities. Where they thought in risks I saw opportunities and where they thought in protocols I loved making the impossible possible for my clients.

I still enjoyed my work as an investment specialist and enjoyed investing, macroeconomics and technical analysis. However, this question marked a turning point in my career. Slowly but surely, an indomitable desire was awakened in me to go all the way for what is now Golden Stay. My mission was and is to start a company that goes for gold and makes the impossible possible!

My current work focuses mainly on setting up a well-functioning booking system, developing new projects and contacting (potential) investors.