My name is Mattias, platform manager at Golden Stay. I’ve been working here since December and in this time I’ve been working in a big part of the online platform of Golden Stay. I am responsible for adding new houses to the website and besides that I am active in communicating with the customers and contribute to providing them with good information. I achieve this by, for example, looking up nice sights and restaurants in the area and I make sure that this information is available in different languages. Furthermore, I contribute to all kinds of other aspects of the company.

Super company

I came into contact with this company through my good friend Rick, as also described in his blog. I really enjoy working with my friends and I also got to know the rest of the team on the fun team days. This makes for a very pleasant and informal working atmosphere.

I find it very enjoyable and challenging to work in a start-up because so much is possible and almost nothing follows standard procedures. This gives you a lot of freedom and the opportunity to think along with you about how best to organise the company.

Future plans

I am currently busy with my studies, but in the future I would like to integrate deeper into the company and take on a bigger role. Besides that, I think it would be cool to work in all the new projects Golden Stay is starting. So keep an eye on our social media, because there are a lot of cool things coming up!