People often ask, what do you actually do at Golden Stay?

That’s a very good question to ask someone who has worked in elderly care for 15 years with a lot of pleasure.?

Besides taking care of the finances, I try to do everything within my power to give guests a wonderful and unforgettable experience. A quote that has often stayed with me is:

People forget what you said, people forget what you did, but they never forget the feeling you gave them.

-Maya Angelou-

That is my drive within Golden Stay

Febe and I love looking at and improving styling and hospitality. In other words, creating that: “GOLDEN STAY FEELING”.

This is reflected in almost everything: what style fits a house; how to make a bed; what are our core values at Golden Stay; and how do we live up to them for our guests, staff and ourselves; what should be present in a house; and how clean should a house be before guests arrive; what is the tone of communication and much more.

I don’t shy away from cleaning either. Not just cleaning, but preparing a house with passion so that guests feel more than welcome!