Hi, I’m Rick Karreman, the online manager of Golden Stay, but what does that entail?

I am responsible for much of the online content that is posted on this website, as well as social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. So this means writing blogs, editing videos and picking and editing beautiful photos in Adobe Illustrator.

I’ve only been part of the Golden Stay team since September 2021, which is already six months ago. Time flies! In this time, I’ve been able to get to know the wonderful Golden Stay team better over various interactions, but especially fun team days, and have been given a super warm welcome.

I have not encountered the passion, joy, positivity, attention to detail and attention to each other that are present within this team anywhere else.

I am grateful to be a part of this!

Besides my work for Golden Stay I also study, mechanical engineering at TU Delft. I live in a room in Delft, with 4 friends who are starting to feel more and more like close family. That includes Mattias and Matthijs, who recently became employees at Golden Stay, and who you might also see in the coming weeks in these blogs! Working with them is ideal, my room has been transformed into a super cozy office several times already!

Passions & Dreams

I get excited about cool projects in beautiful locations, such as the fact that 3 new houses will be built in Greece. Furthermore I get excited by taking on new challenges, finding out how something works by trying out all kinds of things and especially then being able to teach this to others. As soon as I figure out how something works or discover something super handy, I want to tell others!

Recently I was able to teach Mattias and Matthijs how everything works behind the scenes, and they picked it up super fast. I believe they will be extremely valuable to Golden Stay!

I believe that Golden Stay will really grow into a giant organization in the future. My dream and belief is that Golden Stay will be known for the perfect attention to detail, the beautiful homes, the best locations and the coolest projects. I can’t wait to share them all with you as an online manager!